Due to mitigating circumstances, prudence necessitates that Venicekush Brand institute a published Fee Schedule applicable to the public at large in regards to certain business matters which forcibly require our attention and acquire our attention from the important matters of creating the highest quality products and services for the people and navigating our successful business to ever reaching heights. There are those that would covet what does not belong to them and attempt to pirate what they never could have the mind to create




Cease and Desist

Small Claims $2500

Commercial Obligation $100,000

Court Appearance (per appearance)

Commercial Obligation $2500

Defamation or Libel 

Small Claims $2500

Commercial Obligation $100,000

Research (Mental Energy put forth) 

(Billed at 275/hr)


Small Claims $2500

Commercial Obligation $100,000

Labor (Physical Energy put forth) (Billed at $275/hr)

All penalties and violations are concurrent.

  VENICEKUSH/ VENICE KUSH -  has  "NO CONNECTION", relations or partnership with the entities and locations listed below.


1. Jaime Moreno 

2. Randolph Orozco

3. Alfredo Maximiliano

4 Larry S. Gutin

3. Whole Hemp Goods

4. Venice Circle /  Venice Kush Store : 1701 Ocean Front Walk  

5. American Cannabis Company : 1313 Ocean Front Walk 

6. www.Venicekushshop.com



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Venicekush vs ACC 5
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